What I do?

My job title ranges from Tech Lead, Team Lead, Software Consultant, QA Consulatant, E-Com Consultant, Software Developer and so on... I help in analysis, design and development of various Projects. That means that I do things like this on a regular basis

  • Develop Software (Winforms, webforms, vb.net, c#, MSSQL, MySQL..)
  • Web Designing (ASP.Net, HTML5, ASP, PHP)
  • Mobile phone applications
  • Software Analysis - QA, PCI Guidelines, Security vulnerabilities
  • Encryption, Decryption, Firewall, Gaming PC building
  • Do math
  • Play with lots of other fun things in latest technology

Computers are my main hobby. I research historical, socio-economical and environmental bits for my websites, which is just a hobby and a bit commercial to offset my expenses towards maintaining them. Also, as a volunteer, I maintain quite a few websites listed in my business empire

As well as the above I do the usual bits in the house. However, I must admit that computers take up most of my time

I do like playing with new gadgets (laptops, gaming consoles, Smart Phones), travelling, coin collection, watching TV, etc